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Divaldo Franco

05 May 1927

Divaldo Pereira Franco is perhaps the greatest exponent of Spiritism today. Born on May 5, 1927 in city of Feira de Santana in Brazil, Divaldo is also known as one of today’s greatest mediums and Spiritist speakers.

As an author, Divaldo has psychographed over 200 works with over 7 million copies sold worldwide. More than 100 of the titles produced through his mediumship have been translated into 16 languages. As a speaker, Divaldo has given conferences more than 15,000 conferences throughout Brazil and in over 60 countries in all five continents.

Remarkably, all of the proceeds of all his books go to Mansão do Caminho,
"Mansão do Caminho", a nonprofit organization that serves over 3,000 people everyday in the city of Salvador which he founded with his friend Nilson Pereira in 1952.

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