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The "Livraria Espírita Alvorada Editora", known by the acronym LEAL, reaches homes and Spiritist Institutions in Brazil and abroad through Spiritist books psychographed by Divaldo Franco so that everyone may have access to the liberating message of Spiritism.

After the release of the first book Messe de Amor (Harvest of Love) by the spirit author Joanna de Angelis, psychographed by the medium and Spiritist speaker Divaldo Franco in May 1964, the Spiritist Center Caminho da Redenção (Path of Redemption), through LEAL Publisher, began the uplifting mission of publishing Spiritist books. Nowadays, it has a staff that excels in serving the customer.

Leal Publisher, a branch of LEAL, based in the United States is responsible for translating, publishing, marketing and distribution of its books, the magazine Presença Espírita (Spiritist Presence), audio, video, CD and DVD recordings, with copyrights ceded to the Path of Redemption Spiritist Center.


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