We are on the threshold of the great transition, when our planet will go from being a world of trials and expiation to one of regeneration. This transition has been part of the heavenly plan for a long time; thus, it will not occur obviously overnight as if by magic, but as a slow, gradual, yet undelayable transformation.

Natural tragedies, such as the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 – the subject of our considerations in this book – are part of this process because they are meant to make humankind progress more quickly by expunging criminal spirits – those unnameable to order and to moral and spiritual evolution, which can no longer be delayed.

Those spirits will spend an amount of time on other worlds, learning the laws of Love and of the Good until they are fit to return to our planet to make their contribution to the progress of humankind. In this extraordinary book, our dear readers will learn about the mechanisms and lofty reasons for the planetary transition in favor of pressing and necessary changes that promote respect for laws, ethics and nature, transforming men and women into complete beings who are conscious of their duties to God, themselves and others.


English, Portuguese, Spanish


Manoel Philomeno de Miranda


LEAL Publisher


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