Suicide: All That You Need to Know

Spiritual body, problems in the great transition, abortion, suicide, euthanasia, cremation, fatal accidents, cemeteries, funerals, premonition, death of children… These and many other topics are discussed in this book. The author describes the circumstances and problems associated with the return to the Spiritual World. The reader will find in these pages an invaluable contribution to overcome age-old fears and anguish that disturb people when dealing with death.

The book offers the reader a good-humored insight on death. Richard Simonetti shows that death is far from being that horrible skeleton with its sinister scythe, tearing our hopes apart; instead, death is rather a door that leads us into the spiritual world, where we have come from, where our true nation lies. In brief chapters, illustrated with cartoons, “Who Is Afraid of Death?” deals with the most important topics concerning the great transition, providing confidence for those who depart and hope and solace for those who stay behind.

Everything in Life has causes and consequences!

Suffering and anxiety can be unbearable! However…  Life has a purpose, whether we are aware of this or not…  For unbearable pain or anguish, we seek solutions, but not everyone is aware that Life does not end with death! We are all Immortal Beings! The next plane of Life will present us with rewards or consequences, so this book will enlighten

people and bring a happy solution for our anxieties. Suicide only increases our suffering.

…“If existence was merely contained within the limits set between the cradle and the grave, then without a doubt, suicide would be a great solution for the problems and pains of the Earth. However, it occurs that we are immortal beings. We have already lived before the cradle, and we will continue to live after the grave, where we will harvest the consequences of what we have made of our lives and our bodies”…






Richard Simonetti


British Union of Spiritist Societies


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