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Talking to Spirits in Mediumistic Meetings

A dialogue between spirits and us, incarnate beings, has been happening for more than 150 years, guided by the insight that Spiritism has offered to all its researchers and practitioners. However, this requires a real-life, hands-on approach that this book seeks to provide.

The dialogue with spirits is one of the practices we find in the Spiritist Movement, as a result of the knowledge we have of the existence of spirits and the possibility of communicating with them.
Such dialogues have always been taking place during countless Spiritist mediumistic meetings held daily throughout Brazil. And the basic guidance for carrying them out derives from the information contained in the books of Allan Kardec’s codification. Bringing no major changes nor greater novelties, this book now offers all the author could draw from the existing Spiritist literature on the subject, as well as from our persevering practice of the dialogue with spirits.


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Therezinha Oliveira


US Spiritist Federation


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