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Times of Health and Conscientiousness

The acquisition of complete health is the goal of the human being. Establishing harmony between physical, emotional and mental balance in an overall picture of well-being is a big challenge for the human intellect, which for millennia has resorted to highly varied and complex experiences, resulting in wonderful, invaluable achievements. Humans have managed to banish from the earth infirmities that in the past decimated entire populations in a constant threat of extinction for the race. The findings of modern psychosomatics have shown that emotional and mental pathologies easily become physical as well, setting the stage for illnesses of various kinds. Whenever the energy balance that sustains the cells becomes disturbed, immunological factors are assailed by destructive mental discharges and become altered, promoting the installation and development of deadly agents that cause the organism to break down. Consequently, it is essential to establish an era of conscientiousness about responsibility so that, lucid and balanced, individuals may define the paradigms of a harmonious moral and mental conduct for acquiring the invaluable treasure of health.


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Divaldo Franco,

Joanna de Angelis


LEAL Publisher


The Psychology Series by Joanna de Angelis


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