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Two Thousand Years Ago

Emmanuel, the spirit author of this amazing book, describes one of his reincarnations into a place of power, passion and conspiracy. It was the period when he lived as Publius Lentulus – a powerful senator of the Roman Empire – in Palestine during the time of Christ. He tells about his meeting with Jesus and the healing of his daughter. The book focuses on important episodes of the history of Christianity during the 1st century. There are unforgettable moments, such as the deaths of the first Christian martyrs.

On the banks of Lake Gennesaret, Publius Lentulus (Emmanuel) has an encounter with Christ; Publius has gone to beseech Jesus to heal his little daughter, Flavia, who has contracted leprosy. Moved and magnetized by emotions he has never felt before, he hears the Master tell him:”. . . It would have been better if you had come publicly and in broad daylight in order to learn once and for all the sublime lesson of faith and humility. “. . . After many years of deviation from the path of the good due to your blatant wrongs, today you have come to the turning point for the regeneration of you entire life. “. . . It is up to you, however, to take advantage of it either now or a few millennia from now. . . “. . . But no one can impose an act that is against your conscience if it is your desire to spurn this blessed moment indefinitely!” He perceives that Jesus is praying. That very night, his daughter begins to improve noticeably until she is completely well. What are the consequences of this encounter with the Divine Master? Flavia is healed. Livia, Publius’s wife, a patrician woman, coverts to Christianity. Publius returns to his political affairs but refuses to believe that Jesus was the author of his daughter’s recovery.

Emmanuel narrates this personal experience with the richness of detail that characterizes all his books so that we can ponder the precious “moments” that we are offered throughout our lives; moments that are often wasted, thereby delaying our progress and evolution.


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Francisco C Xavier


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Lives of Emmanuel by Emmanuel


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